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-- A forum dedicated to "free-thinking, openly questioning, radically-inclusive, ethically-engaged, reform-oriented religion in the Unitarian and Universalist tradition. --
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Entry:  Media Wiki? What's it?    Blog:  "Ron's Authentic Frontier Gibberish"
-- OK, here's their description (from the "wiki" main page;
Wiki - is software for creating of web pages directly from a browser. Wiki can be used to create knowledge bases and document storages, data exchange inside a community, collectively create documents and articles, project management etc. The key feature of Wiki is to enable cooperative effort on content. Any user can be an author, editor and commentator at the same time. The user has tools to edit pages content, organizing cross links and tracking changes. Wiki saves all changes that have been introduced since when articles are first created. At any moment two versions of the same article can be compared to view made changes, perform correction of the page again or simply roll back to the older version. Therefore to fix losses is easier than damage anything. And of course administrators always can block changes of one and the same article or allow editing to specific users only. To format texts Wiki-markup can be used enabling users to create pages without learning html or xml. Wiki-markup is exceptionally simple. Its basic rules can be learned within a few minutes which are enough to edit and create new materials. The documentation and description of Wiki can be found here.
-- So, in order to complement the content of our message board, for example, how might we use the Wiki feature? What threads or subforums there might we be able to move to a Wiki? Maybe Ron's Repository (quote archive)? Or, Keepers of the Flame? What do you think? Ron
uufreespirit Thu Dec 20, 2007 12:39 pm
Entry:  Test post! Are we making progress here?    Blog:  "Ron's Authentic Frontier Gibberish"
OK, now it appears this has made its way to the portal page. Hopefully this means that you, too, can begin blogging here. Feel free to take it for a test drive. Ron
uufreespirit Thu Dec 20, 2007 12:04 pm

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